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thyroid and energy optimization

A comprehensive approach to metabolic health.

Simplifying Complex Systems

Cellular energy production is a complex process that is affected by many different factors. That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to examine all of the underlying factors that can leave you feeling tired and depleted.

A Comprehensive Approach to Give You Real Answers

In conjunction with a detailed discussion of your history and symptoms, we use comprehensive testing to see how your body is functioning compared to optimal standards.

A full investigation looks at hormones, key nutrient levels, digestive health, and more to uncover potential causes of fatigue such as thyroid, adrenal, and other hormone imbalance, nutrient deficiency, infection, inflammation, oxidative stress, chemical toxicants and heavy metals.

Optimizing thyroid function to finally get you results

Many patients come to us already taking prescribed thyroid medication but still feeling exhausted. One common reason for this is that many of us have difficulty converting T4 (the primary hormone produced by the thyroid) into the active thyroid hormone T3 (which gives us energy and powers our cells). Taking a synthetic T4 medication like Synthroid then doesn’t give our cells what they need for proper energy production. By testing a comprehensive thyroid panel including free levels of these hormones, we can determine the best form and dose of thyroid replacement for you. We also look at levels of nutrients that are needed for good thyroid function, so we can be sure your thyroid is working at it’s best, whether you need medication or not.

what to expect

We help you find out what’s causing imbalance in your body and give you clear, actionable guidance in getting your energy back.


comprehensive testing to identify barriers keeping your body from functioning optimally


Experienced guidance in nutritional and lifestyle changes to help you feel your best


Customized supplement (and medication) plan to fit your unique health needs

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