fertility Lab Guide

Fertility Lab Guide

Foundational Fertility Tests

Start assessing your fertility, and overall health, today.

An important first step in optimizing fertility is assessing which barriers may be present.

To help you start your journey toward optimal fertility, the Fertility Lab Guide provides a list of foundational tests with need-to-know details to help you identify factors that could limit your fertility and overall health.

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what You’ll Get:


A list of the foundational tests that Dr. Naylor orders for her patients seeking optimal fertility


Key information about each test — what it is and when to test it


Optimal ranges for each marker

And, the best takeaway from this FREE guide?

The opportunity for you to take action for better overall health – and fertility.
dr Miranda Naylor DO

Dr. Miranda Naylor, DO, IFMCP

Certified Functional Medicine Doctor

Hi, I’m Dr. Naylor!

I’m a medical doctor & women’s health expert. I help women reclaim their bodies and optimize their health through every stage of life.

Since personally overcoming my own fertility struggles, I’ve made it my mission to help women get the guidance and support they need while trying to conceive.

Now, after conceiving two healthy sons of my own, naturally – and helping numerous women do the same, I’ve developed my signature protocol to optimally prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy and a thriving child.