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functional medicine

Functional Medicine is the science of finding health.

what you need to know

Dr. Naylor is a fully licensed, board-certified physician with years of experience in hospitals and conventional medical clinics. This allows Dr. Naylor to better understand the treatment you’ve received in the past and better collaborate with your primary care doctor or specialists.

what is functional medicine

The science of finding health

Rather than treating symptoms, we seek optimal physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and community wellness.

This personalized model empowers patients to achieve their highest expression of health by working in collaboration with their doctor to address the underlying causes of disease. That means you won’t just get prescriptions to cover up your symptoms. We’ll work together to dig deep into your history and thoroughly examine your current state of health to develop a personalized plan to achieve YOUR optimal state of wellness.


Conventional Medicine is separated by organ systems, with a different specialist in charge of each body system.


Functional Medicine has a systems-oriented approach, looking at how all of the body systems work together and how external factors in a person’s life affect their health.

how we’re different

Receive a plan to achieve you optimal state of wellness.



Analyze how your body systems work together


Address underlying causes of disease


Identify factors affecting your health


Put A plan to achieve YOUR optimal state of wellness.

what you can expect at your appointment

Unlike your typical doctor, Dr. Naylor will spend 60-90 minutes with you during your initial visit, delving into your story to uncover factors that may be limiting your health.

She will partner with you to create a personalized plan for nutrition, movement, relaxation, sleep, and emotional and spiritual fulfillment, in addition to recommendations for routine and specialized testing and targeted supplementation.