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Dr. Naylor offers in-person visits in Encinitas, CA and virtual visits serving all of California.
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Encinitas, CA 92024, USA


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Frequently Asked

How do I schedule my first appointment?

It’s best to call our office and ask to speak with the New Patient Coordinator. Please call (760) 260-8590 monday- friday 8am-4pm


Do you offer virtual visits?

Yes. Patients located in anywhere in California can be seen via video or phone visits.


How can I contact you between visits?

You’ll have access to our team through portal messaging and email between visits, which we use for simple clarifications and questions. If we want to make changes to your treatment plan due to new concerns that arise or you have questions that require a conversation, then we will schedule a phone call or brief visit to discuss this.


What are your fees?

Please call us for current visit costs. 


Can I use a health savings account to pay for visits?

Yes, you can use pre-tax dollars from a health savings account (HSA) to pay for visits, testing, supplements, medications, and even medical devices.

Are you seeing patients in person?

Dr. Naylor is currently only seeing patients virtually, via Zoom or phone. Our Encinitas office is planned to open in the summer of 2024. Join our mailing list to be notified of these updates. 

How do visits work?

Prior to your initial functional medicine consultation, Dr. Naylor will review new patient forms, including in-depth medical, diet, and lifestyle questionnaires. 

During the initial visit, Dr. Naylor will spend 60-75 minutes with you reviewing your current health concerns and discussing your personal and family history in detail. This includes a review of any previous lab work, if applicable. It is also important to know all medications and supplements that you are taking, so please have a list of these available during your visit. Based on your unique health concerns, she’ll discuss options for relevant lab testing, as well as provide an initial plan for nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation, and medications as appropriate.


Next, a follow up visit is scheduled 4-6 weeks later to review test results. At this appointment, Dr. Naylor will give you even more specific dietary and supplementation recommendations based on your unique needs. Expect an actionable, personalized health plan following each visit – including key points from our discussion, specific supplement recommendations, nutrition guidelines and appropriate referrals. 


How is your approach different from most doctors?

We truly care about you and your health. Dr. Naylor will help you transform your health and reach your wellness goals. We will investigate deeper than your typical doctor has and identify a number of factors limiting your health. This approach will give you the tools to heal symptoms from the root cause. While this provides lasting wellness, it does take time. We encourage our patients to hold realistic expectations. Your symptoms will likely not resolve after one visit (although some do!) and usually requires dedication to your health for several months to a year to fully resolve symptoms and achieve your health goals.


Do you accept insurance?

We are not able to accept insurance for our services. You can use a health savings account to pay for visits, testing, recommended supplements, and medications. Some lab testing is often covered, though it depends on the insurance plan.